November 2015

On the 26th of November the Panama Embassy in Holland celebrated their 103th anniversary of independence at our gallery. And their special guest of honour was Olga Sinclair.

Olga Sinclair (born 1957 in Panama City) is an artist and figurative painter. She participated for the first time in a collective exhibition amongst professional painters at the age of just 14.

She started painting studies with her father, the painter Alfredo Sinclair and went in 1976 to the Academy of Applied Arts in Madrid, Spain. There she also did three years classic art drawing lessons at the Arjona Studio.

Back in Panama she obtained her BA-degree in Interior Design in 1984. At the same time she took engraving lessons in Giangranddi Studio. Then she continued her studies in London for another two years. In 1987 she married Hans Risseeuw (whom she divorced 20 years later) and they moved to Bolivia where Olga was Cultural Attaché to the Panamanian Embassy. After that they went to Jakarta, Indonesia where their two daughters Natasha and Suzanna were born. Since 1994 Olga and her family reside again in Panama. Olga is currently Panama’s Cultural Ambassador.

You can find more pictures of the Panama event at our facebook-page.

Take a look at the paintings of Olga Sinclair.

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