September 23rd up to and including October 14th 2017

We cordially invite you to the exhibition of Alisa Lim A Po to experience her new series SUPERNATURAL. The vernissage will be on Sunday September 24th from 14h00 – 18h00 and the artist will be present. The preview will take place on Saturday September 23rd from 16h00 – 18h00.

A flight of hapiness
Dutch artist Alisa Lim A Po (1975) presents with her new series SUPERNATURAL various work on paper, linen, aluminum and copper. Large and sophisticated work with multiple colors, organic shapes, transparent layers and subtle transitions.

Lim A Po explores a variable nature of her work to date. Her successful series Social War, Clones and Chronicles gave a sometimes critical view of human social behaviors and the status of the world. This series sensitively exposes the essence of life: happiness.

The Supernatural series was born out of the source of pure hapiness. During some time-off, Lim A Po realized how magnificent life truelly is. ‘Enjoying an oasis of tranquillity, a small escape from hectic daily life, the feeling of freedom and undefined daydreaming. This kind of unobtrusive enjoyment is a great relief, and actually, comes naturally in these moments.’ That is the feeling that Lim A Po wanted to catch, take along and paint.

The works are recollectios of cherished feelings and intimate moments of her own. She places them in a larger context and translates them into essential and generic images, with a certain anonymity and overall recognition. With this series, Lim A Po does not aim for realistic work or natural and recognizable images. ‘I try to approach a feeling, revive a sense.’ In this series she has stepped away from defined shapes and replaces them in free and alsmost amorphous forms. The series presents works that are open to interpretations and free for introspection. An escape from, a visit, a memory of… quiet, reflective, meaningful and meaningless at the same time, driven by abstract organic shapes and a soft color palette.

With this series she shows her skills by playing with materials, color and technique. The combination of subtle shades and the rich color palette, the many thin transparent layers and the coarse details give the works a deep and elegant character. The graceful shapes, well-considered proportions and harmonious composition makes for beautiful and essential images.

Lim A Po works mainly on large carriers of linen, aluminum and brass. She makes elegant paintings that explore the visual effects of surface and material through organic shapes of layered and rich colors. The depth and density of the materials like aluminium and brass create beautiful effects of shifting light and color. She describes the color palette as the most important element in this series, because it is the most pure in contact with the feeling.

With this series she focuses on the individual experience and describes her work as personal, where feeling is highlighted by place and time. The work also presents a cyclic and emotional relationship between humanity and nature, a relationship in which we may experience our happiness the most.

Below a preview of details of her art, that show her skills in playing with the paint (click for a larger preview).

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