June 25th until August 7th 2016

We cordially invite you to the exhibition ‘Wandering’ by Micky Hoogendijk to experience this beautiful photo art. Vernissage on Saturday June 25th from 16h00 – 19h00. The artist will be present.

Since 2010, living and working in Los Angeles, Micky Hoogendijk discovered her gift for artistic portraits. In 2012 she moved to Austin, Texas, where she created her first body of work. By 2015 she returned to Los Angeles, where she continues her work as an artist.

The starting point of her work is an encounter, dream or object that culminates in an explosion of ideas. On set, she allows her model’s instinct and personality to melt together with the camera and drive her creative inspiration. She coaxes trust, contact and vulnerability from her subjects in order to produce an image. The viewer can then create his own imagination fitting in his own world. Recurring themes are religion, society and mythology; each work is intensely personal and takes both Micky and her subject on a journey that provokes fundamental questions about life and our existence.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our gallery.

With great pleasure we can announce the Jacob van der Goot, Chairman of Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture will open the exhibition of Micky Hoogendijk.

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