September 10th until October 9th 2016

We like to invite you to the duo exhibition of Alisa Lim A Po & Mark Leputa. The official opening will be on Saturday September 10th from 17h00 until 21h00. The artists will be present at the vernissage.

Alisa Lim A Po (NL)
Alisa Lim A Po presents a combination of works from the series Social War and Chronicles. Beautiful and bold work, but at the same time fragile, honest and telling. Art that deals with the multifaceted nature of society and our place within it, art that outlines subtly the existential and resonate with a sense of humanity. Lim A Po has a distinctive technique, uses bright colors and paints mostly on unique materials such as aluminum and copper. Now exclusive at Dock Gallery: the 12 remaining Clones (series of 40 unique pieces on aluminium)!

Mark Leputa (USA)
For Mark Leputa, the greatest sense of self-satisfaction and pride are found in the creation process. The heat, the fire, the seemingly liquid state that this material is worked at entranced him. Being his own harshest critic, Leputa’s approach to creating his art is relentless and uncompromising. Demanding precision and close attention to detail, he is able to bring his abstract visions to life. Every touch to the glass has significant and deliberate meaning.

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