Song Yulin


Borned in Sichuan Province. 2002: Graduated from the Fine Art Institution of Si Chuan University. 2005 – 2006: Living and working in the Tank Warehouse art center of Si Chuan Institution of Fine Arts. 2007 – 2009: Living and working in Bei Jing Fei Jia Cun art zone.

Solo Exhibition
2011 Formatting – solo exhibition of Song Yulin, Joy Art, Beijing
2014 Era image- solo exhibition of Song Yulin, Ning Space, Beijing

Group Exhibition 
2014, ‘Nanjing International Art Exhibition’,Nanjing
2014, ‘Ivy planning 2014- China’s first Emerging Artists Exhibition’; Beijing Intermediate Art Museum
2014, ‘invisible colorless’; Beijing Xiansheng Gallery
2014, ‘Transcending the Three Realms: Absolute Attitudes’; 5 art center, Beijing
2014, ‘Art T3’, The Capital Airport; Beijing
2014, ‘NingPo Art Fair 2014’; Shanghai
2014, ‘Art Paris’; Grand Palais in Paris, France
2014, ‘Image is the idea’ Invitation Exhibition; Dalian art exhibition hall, Dallian
2014, ‘Center Perspective – Unit: Password’; Shone-show Gallery, Beijing
2013, ‘Independent character 2013 promising artists Annual Awards’; River Bend Art Museum, Beijing
2013, ‘Imagine Unlimited – Young Artists program’ Invitational Exhibition; Millennium Monument Art Museum, Beijing
2012, ‘Art Salon Media Editor’ 2012 Nomination Exhibition of Contemporary Art; Yuan Dian Art Museum, Beijing
2012, ‘Art Ordos Contemporary Art Show’, Ordos city
2011, ‘Undertake & Merge’ The 2011 De Mei Yi Jia End of Year Art Show, Ge Hua Design Art Museum, Beijing
2011, ‘I Can Pay’ Art Festival, The Exhibition Hall of World Trade Plaza, Shang Hai
2011, ’70’s & 80’s Female Artists’ Invited Exhibition, New Age Gallery, Beijing
2010, Youth at Upstairs nomination exhibition by young critics 2010,Time museum, Beijing
2010, soliloquyⅡ: The representation and expression of individual experience, Chengdu
2010, CIGE (China International Gallery Exposition), Beijing
2010, Assemble View – International Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition, Beijing
2009, Experience, Gorgeous, Beijing
2009, Chinese Art critic Nominations Exhibition, Beijing
2008, Soliloquy – The Reconstruction of Art, Shuimu Art Space, Beijing

2009, Artwork ‘formatting — Warlord’ was collected by Australian White Rabbit Collection
2013 Artwork ‘Eighteen shoot – 2010.01.01 Midnight of memory’ won a gold medal at the ‘Independent character 2013 ‘promising artists Annual Awards’

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