Christian Rudolph


What always fascinates me, is the ability to have a vague idea of a sculpture in mind, then constructing it, developing it, then observing it further, to include chance and possibly intervene to finally execute the art work technically. There are no drawings, no little sketches; I prefer to go the more contemplative and time-consuming way of building a paper model.

The advantage is that I am in the three-dimensionality from the start and thus can fathom focal point, mass and proportion as well weight distribution. Another advantage is that a model can be scaled which means it can be executed in different sizes, paying justice to proportion. These paper surfaces I use later as templates for the sheet metal pre-cuts, which I draw by AutoCAD before having them cut them by laser or water jet.

Take a look at a film portrait about his work down below:

1959 Born in Aschaffenburg, Germany
1982 – 1986 Apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Hildesheim, Germany
1986 Training and assistant time as a goldsmith. 
Internship under the sculptor Moritz Bormann, Hildesheim, Germany.
1986 – 1991 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany under Prof. E. Hoeßle. Appointment as master student and diploma.
1989 – 1994 Numerous exhibitions within the field of applied arts. 
Acquisitions by the Deutsche Goldschiede Haus in Hanau, Germany and the MAK in Frankfrut, Germany
Since 1996 Artistic dialog within the field of constructive sculpture.
Participation in competitions in architectural art and public art thereby achieving awards, acquistions and executions of his works.
1996 1st prize, architectural art competition, penal institution in Würzburg, Germany
2000 Commissional work for the construction of a memorial for the “victims of euthanasia”, foster homes in Scheuern, Nassau, Germany.
2004 Award for contemporary art of the New Art Association Aschaffenburg, Germany
Since 2008 National and international exhibitions, exhibition participations and art fairs: Cologne, Karlsruhe, Munich, Zurich

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